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"Gente de Sogamoso" is a cultural agenda item created by Fundacion Montecito, inspired by the project "Humans of New York" photo project. Fundacion Montecito plans to create their own photo journal project, complete with profiles of citizens around the town of Sogamoso and surrounding areas.

The main purpose or goal of this project is to offer a glimpse into the diversity of people in Sogamoso, as well as some of the landmarks and the popular places to visit in the city. Subjects for the project will be chosen based on their location, relationship to the city and country, as well as personal ties to the NGO.

Their photo will be taken in a natural setting, highlighting their unique lifestyle, combined with an article written about their "story" or their life. The material for the stories or anecdotes will be gathered through an interview style questionnaire.

These profiles will be posted on the Fundacion Montecito Facebook page in an album, as well as on the Visit Sugamuxi cultural blog.

If you would like to nominate somebody to be showcased in the photo project, please email:


"Gente de Sogamoso" es un ítem de la agenda cultural creado por la Fundación Montecito, inspirado en el proyecto fotográfico "Humanos de Nueva York" (Humans of New York). La Fundación Montecito planea crear su propio proyecto de publicación fotográfica, con perfiles de ciudadanos de la ciudad de Sogamoso y las áreas circundantes.

El propósito principal o el objetivo de este proyecto es ofrecer una visión de la diversidad de personas en Sogamoso, así como algunos de los puntos de referencia y los lugares populares para visitar en la ciudad. Los temas para el proyecto se elegirán en función de su ubicación, la relación con la ciudad y el país, así como los vínculos personales con la ONG.

Su foto se tomará en un entorno natural, destacando su estilo de vida único, combinado con un artículo escrito sobre su "historia" o su vida. El material para las historias o anécdotas se recopilará a través de un cuestionario en estilo de entrevista.

Estos perfiles se publicarán en la página de Facebook de la Fundación Montecito en un álbum, así como en el blog cultural Visit Sugamuxi.

Si desea nominar a alguien para que se muestre en el proyecto fotográfico, envíe un correo electrónico a:

Entradas más populares de este blog


"I think people must assume I am some crazy guy who lives alone near the lake and who sails by himself, but since I’ve been doing it so long, I think people are used to it now. I’m a sailor, and am 59 years old. I am Colombian and was born in Brazil. I have an MBA from the University of the Andes. When you sail in Tota, anything can happen. The only thing that has not happened to me on the lake while sailing is that the mast has not broken on me yet - everything else has happened to me. I’ve lost the main sheet for the sailing once. I have even lost the small plug that prevents water from entering the boat, so while I was sailing I began sinking in the middle of the lake. I’ve capsized many times; 90 degrees and even 180 degrees. But the most difficult time I had on the lake was during a special phenomenon on Lake Tota where the fog descends and sits atop the lake, blanketing the entire lake in clouds of fog. You’re able to see the sky above you, but you can’t even see for mo


"I’m from a nearby village called Paz del Rio, but I´ve been living in Sogamoso with my family for about twenty years now. I studied at the University of Bucaramanga as a graphic designer. Later, I wanted to learn English and therefore decided to go to Australia. At this time, my family thought I wouldn’t return. But when I came back to visit for a short period of time, I met the man who now is my husband, and I decided not to return to Australia but stay in Sogamoso, so I could be with him. Another momentous event in my life was without doubt the birth of my son. Since I became a mother, I focused on being a good example for my son. I want to be an intelligent and independent person that achieves what they want and gets ahead. I want my son to see this in me, I want to be his guide so that in the end he is able to do the same. Besides that, since I´m working as an English teacher now, my goal is of course to help people struggling with this language, and one day I would love


"I shared my childhood with my siblings and some cousins that lived close-by. It was cool, very different from how it looks like today because the children don’t play much anymore. In my case, when we lived in the eastern neighborhood, we went to the park every Sunday. Or we played on a little mountain close to my house. We used canisters to ride down the hill. That was so fun. And in August we build our own kites, played and enjoyed ourselves. Living out in the countryside teaches you a lot. It shaped me, taught me to be a kind and simple person, and not to get attached too much to material stuff. I graduated with honor, which was a big achievement for me and my family. I worked after that, but later decided to continue my studies and become a professional. One day I would like to have my own business. And I want to travel and experience. I feel like I am a very free person, so living in only one place just isn’t for me. But despite all this, I believe I will always miss