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Mostrando las entradas de octubre, 2018


"My father was a policeman and well, we suffered a lot of things with our family because of war here, because of his job. We also moved a lot and lived in Moniquirá, in Togüí , Tibasosa, Nobsa and Sogamoso. But one thing that always has been very important to me was to honor his memory. Because, since I was a child, I wanted to study and be a professional. And he always encouraged me to do that. So when he died, I promised myself to continue doing so. And I did. I moved to Tunja to study languages in 2001 and I was there for 13 years until I graduated my master degree in language teaching. Then I moved back again to Sogamoso and have been working here in the university as an English teacher ever since. I really like it here. Boyac á in general is a beautiful and peaceful department and Sogamoso and its surroundings offer great possibilities to spend time with your family. Speaking of that, I also have my own family now. I have three little kids, a wife. I love to have picnic


“Once I arrived from the United States, I was looking in my town for work. One of the first options I got was a placement in Sogamoso - it was my first time living here. I spent three years here first, then lived in Tunja for a year, and finally returned back to Sogamoso this year. I have worked in different schools: private, public, and in institutions in Sogamoso. Most of my professional experience comes from this city, and teaching English to young people, teenagers, and adults. I spend a lot of time teaching, but since I am doing my master’s degree, when I’m not working I am usually reading books or writing essays. Sogamoso is important to me because I feel as though many of the major checkpoints in my life I’ve experienced here in this city. I started a new job, bought my first motorcycle, then my first car, I fell in love, and I had a baby. When I left Sogamoso to live in Tunja for a year, I was offered another teaching position to return to Sogamoso and I thought to myself,