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"My father was a policeman and well, we suffered a lot of things with our family because of war here, because of his job. We also moved a lot and lived in Moniquirá, in Togüí, Tibasosa, Nobsa and Sogamoso. But one thing that always has been very important to me was to honor his memory. Because, since I was a child, I wanted to study and be a professional. And he always encouraged me to do that. So when he died, I promised myself to continue doing so. And I did. I moved to Tunja to study languages in 2001 and I was there for 13 years until I graduated my master degree in language teaching. Then I moved back again to Sogamoso and have been working here in the university as an English teacher ever since. I really like it here. Boyacá in general is a beautiful and peaceful department and Sogamoso and its surroundings offer great possibilities to spend time with your family. Speaking of that, I also have my own family now. I have three little kids, a wife. I love to have picnics with them out in the green. But sure, there are many goals and many expectations left about life. There are many things we want to accomplish. And of course we have to work really hard for that. For example I want to complete my studies, to get a PhD degree in education or languages. And I want to see my family doing the same, my little kids. Well sure, they are still small now, but they´re growing and time passes really fast. Really really fast. For example my oldest girl is 9 now, and it happened just like –this-. Very fast. So anyway this is what I want to get in life. To feel happiness because they are professionals, because they are good people, because they help the society. Because they help to build up this country and they help other people. You know, there are many children and families in Colombia that are in need. And we can help. Of course not everybody, but maybe we can help at least one person in one place and time."

"Mi padre era policía y, bueno, sufrimos muchas cosas con nuestra familia por la guerra aquí, y por su trabajo. También nos mudamos muchas veces, vivimos en Moniquirá, en Togüí, Tibasosa, Nobsa y Sogamoso. Pero una cosa que siempre ha sido muy importante para mí fue honrar su memoria. Porque desde niño quise estudiar y ser profesional. Y él siempre me animó a hacer eso. Así que cuando murió, me prometí seguir haciéndolo. Y lo hice. Me mudé a Tunja para estudiar idiomas en 2001 y estuve allí durante 13 años hasta que obtuve mi maestría en enseñanza de idiomas. Luego volví a Sogamoso y he estado trabajando aquí en la universidad como profesor de inglés desde entonces. Realmente me gusta vivir aquí. Boyacá en general es un departamento hermoso y tranquilo, y Sogamoso y sus alrededores ofrecen grandes posibilidades para pasar tiempo con la familia. Hablando de eso, ahora también tengo mi propia familia. Tengo tres niños pequeños, una esposa. Me encanta tener picnics con ellos en el campo. Pero claro, hay muchas metas y muchas expectativas sobre la vida. Hay muchas cosas que queremos lograr. Y por supuesto tenemos que trabajar muy duro para eso. Por ejemplo, quiero completar mis estudios, obtener un doctorado en educación o idiomas. Y quiero ver a mi familia, mis niños pequeños, haciendo lo mismo. Claro, todavía son pequeños, pero están creciendo y el tiempo pasa volando. Realmente muy rápido. Por ejemplo, mi hija mayor tiene 9 años ahora, y esto pasó en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. ¡Muy rápido! En fin, esto es lo que quiero conseguir en la vida; Sentirme feliz al ver a mis hijos siendo profesionales, porque de esta manera ellos serían buenas personas, y ayudarían a la sociedad. También porque ayudarían a construir este país y ayudarían a otras personas. Usted sabe, hay muchos niños y familias en Colombia que están en una condición de necesidad. Y podemos ayudar. Por supuesto, no a todos, pero tal vez podamos ayudar al menos a una persona en un lugar y momento específico."

- David


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"I think people must assume I am some crazy guy who lives alone near the lake and who sails by himself, but since I’ve been doing it so long, I think people are used to it now. I’m a sailor, and am 59 years old. I am Colombian and was born in Brazil. I have an MBA from the University of the Andes.
When you sail in Tota, anything can happen. The only thing that has not happened to me on the lake while sailing is that the mast has not broken on me yet - everything else has happened to me. I’ve lost the main sheet for the sailing once. I have even lost the small plug that prevents water from entering the boat, so while I was sailing I began sinking in the middle of the lake. I’ve capsized many times; 90 degrees and even 180 degrees. But the most difficult time I had on the lake was during a special phenomenon on Lake Tota where the fog descends and sits atop the lake, blanketing the entire lake in clouds of fog. You’re able to see the sky above you, but you can’t even see for more …


"I was born in Sogamoso, and I grew up here for almost my whole life; it’s interesting, because I always found myself living with my grandmothers. First, I lived with my grandmother from my dad’s side, and also my great-grandmother, and now I’m living with my mom’s mom, along with my younger brother and my mother. My father lives and works in Bogota. At first he was a teacher, but now he works in an office at a public institution. I enjoy living in Sogamoso, because it is a city rich with art and culture. I have a lot of family here, but I also have family in many other places in Colombia. I’m currently in my last year of University at UPTC, studying foreign languages. Dance, art, and languages are a huge part of my life. While in high school, I was one member of a five-person dance group and often perform dance battles in the streets of Sogamoso.
Growing up, my father would listen to a lot of English music; artists like Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block, The Beatles, etc w…


“Once I arrived from the United States, I was looking in my town for work. One of the first options I got was a placement in Sogamoso - it was my first time living here. I spent three years here first, then lived in Tunja for a year, and finally returned back to Sogamoso this year. I have worked in different schools: private, public, and in institutions in Sogamoso. Most of my professional experience comes from this city, and teaching English to young people, teenagers, and adults. I spend a lot of time teaching, but since I am doing my master’s degree, when I’m not working I am usually reading books or writing essays. Sogamoso is important to me because I feel as though many of the major checkpoints in my life I’ve experienced here in this city. I started a new job, bought my first motorcycle, then my first car, I fell in love, and I had a baby. When I left Sogamoso to live in Tunja for a year, I was offered another teaching position to return to Sogamoso and I thought to myself, “Wh…